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As one of pto shaft manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of mechanical products, We offer pto shaft and many other products.We have exported our products to clients around the world and earned a good reputation because of our superior product quality and after-sales service.

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The passing rate of finished product is more than 99%.Every product need to be checked by many processes.Delivery will be ready within 30 days after receiving your down payment.

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We have a high quality sales team including sales staff, quality engineers and technicians.A reliable and reputable supplier is a key to your successful business.

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We stock a wide selection PTO shafts and yokes, clutches, shaft covers, tubes and any other accessories needed for your power take off needs.

Pto shaft

The power take-off shaft (PTO shaft) is a critical component, designed and manufactured for continuous heavy-duty use. A good PTO shaft should be strong enough to bear the torsion and shear stress and minimize vibration.

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We specializing in the production of Agricultural Gearbox, PTO Shafts, Sprockets, Fluid Coupling, Worm Gear Reducers, Gears and racks, Roller Chains, Sheave and Pulleys, Planetary Gearboxes, Timing Pulleys, Shaft Collars and more.

Our PTO drive shafts are designed to meet specific requirements with the most economical design.With these two styles We has a complete offering of standard and wide angle PTO drive shafts, with many design options including telescoping, high speed, double telescoping.

To ensure of our quality, we provide samples to all our clients. In case the product is to be produced, we offer a pre-production sample to the client for approval until a final approve design is prepared.We offer pto shaft and many other products.We have exported our products to clients around the world and earned a good reputation because of our superior product quality and after-sales service.

Tiller PTO Shaft, Series 4, 34"

PTO Shaft, Series 4 , 43 In.

PTO Shaft Series 4, 1-3/8" 6-Spline

Structure of Pto shafts

The pto shaft is composed of shaft tube, telescopic sleeve and universal joint. The telescopic sleeve can automatically adjust the change of the distance between the transmission and the drive axle. Universal joint is to ensure the change of the angle between the transmission output shaft and the drive axle input shaft, and realize the equal angular speed transmission of the two shafts.

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If you want custom service,please kindly send us the detail. information(material,finish,size,ect).Or you can send us samples,we will manufacture the products totally according to your samples.

Manufacture Procession

First, we have our own High-precision Digital Machining center for mould making in special Mould Workshop, excellent mould make product beautiful appearance and its size accurately.
The second, we adopt blasting procession, removing Oxidation surface, make the surface to be bright and clean and uniform and beautiful.
The third, in heat treatment: We use the Controlled-atmosphere Automatic heat treatment Furnace

Precautions for using drive shaft

“1.Correct selection is important for excellent performance of transmission shaft!”

2.The transmission shafts have been injected grease already after production. Please lubricate it in one or two months after installation and use.

3. Pay attestation on preventing water, dust and other corrosive substances. Please do not knock the device with hammer or it will reduce the service life of the transmission shafts.

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Additionally, we also can design and make non-standard products to meet customers’ special requirements. Quality and credit are the bases that make a corporation alive. We will provide best services and high quality products with all sincerity. If you need any information or samples, please contact us and you will have our soon reply.